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RSV Parent Resources

Educational resources to help you take steps to protect your baby. To help further educate on RSV and its signs and symptoms, there's a video series you can watch below. There is also a parent guide, symptom checker and poster, all of which can be downloaded below to help you feel better informed.

As part of the Together Against RSV disease awareness campaign, a survey was launched amongst 1,500 parents in the UK to allow us to understand the emotional, practical and financial impact of lower respiratory tract infections (LRTIs) on parents.

The survey found that many parents find information surrounding RSV online overwhelming (46%) and over one third (37%) have a lack of understanding of how to manage respiratory infections at home.1

Following the results of the survey, a number of educational and helpful resources have been created to provide parents and caregivers with tools to help broaden their understanding of RSV.

Parent Guide

Our Parent Guide has been created to increase understanding of RSV, allowing you to be more informed on what it is, the signs and symptoms and when to seek help. The guide includes:

  • An overview of RSV and LRTIs
  • Information surrounding the Together Against RSV disease awareness campaign
  • Key NHS recommendations on how to manage RSV and LRTIs
  • Insights and recommendations from parents and healthcare professionals (HCPs) who have professional and personal experience of RSV
Download the Parent Guide

Together Against RSV Q&A Videos

You can learn more about RSV through our Q&A videos, where parents share their first-hand experiences of caring for babies with LRTIs and our healthcare professionals provide useful information on the signs and symptoms to look out for.

Episode 1 - Let's Talk RSV

Hosted by Dr Shireen, a GP with experience of caring for a child with a respiratory illness, this Q&A session discusses what RSV is, some of the main symptoms to look out for, how to protect infants from infection and when to seek medical advice. Dr Shireen is joined by Paul McNamara, Professor in Child Health at the University of Liverpool, parent influencer Amber Wilde and parents Christine and Tom, whose children had lower respiratory tract infections.

Episode 2 - Let's Talk RSV

In this second RSV Q&A video, host Dr Shireen is joined once again by Professor Paul McNamara as they welcome parent influencer Kelly Knox and parent Lorna whose son contracted RSV at 8 months old. Lorna and Kelly share their personal experiences of caring for babies with respiratory illness and the guests discuss the mental and emotional impact infant respiratory illness can have on parents.


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